The Kevins and The Lovekevins

For obvious reasons, this is a totally self-indulgent post. I couldn’t resist posting on two bands that use my first name in their band name (however, you won’t see me posting on the Dropkick Murphys).

Just to prove how totally self-indulgent this post is, I’ll admit to knowing next to nothing about either band. I do know The Kevins are two brothers (below) who play pretty sparse, acoustic ditties that rarely exceed the three-minute mark.

The Lovekevins (below) are Swedish. And poppy.

Buy The Kevins’ album here for only $10. Buy The Lovekevins EP, Max Leon, here. Go ahead. Support the Kevin cause. (Hey, wait, I think I just came up with a new band name.)

The Kevins | I Just Can’t Get Her
The Kevins | Gambling Hearts

The Lovekevins |

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