Urbs: Toujours Le Meme Film

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting If my Googling skills are up to snuff, the title of the 2006 debut album from Urbs (aka Paul Nawrata) translates roughly – or, possibly, exactly – to “the same old film.” It makes sense, if I’m correct, given Nawrata’s cinematic approach to this G-Stone Recordings release.

A longtime DJ in Austria, Nawrata has pulled together both the dramatic and downtempo for an instrumental soundtrack that will leave you grasping for the RJD2 comparisons. If we’re to assume this is the soundtrack to Nawrata’s life, then he does a wonderful job of coaxing emotion and moods out of a (mostly) word-less space. Much like the cover of the album, you’ll feel like you’re transported into some sepia-toned foreign film surrounded by beautiful French-speaking women, fancy cigarettes and fancier cars.

This is downtempo/trip-hop that isn’t served its due as background music. (Also, Nawrata’s take on Duran Duran’s The Chauffeur is excellent.)

  • Urbs | Tu Moi Aussi?

5 thoughts on “Urbs: Toujours Le Meme Film”

  1. I need translation to tu moi aussie, love the track but can’t find the lyrics..there are only a few words in the song….mostly ambient exactly as stated context is construed from mostly instrumental sounds…film noir

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