Video trailer for new Calexico album

Raising the anticipation for Calexico’s new album, Carried to Dust (out Sept. 9), Touch and Go Records has put together a video trailer that features some clips of Tucson. I especially like the drive-by shot of the sign: “Ugly but honest.” That kinda sums up the Old Pueblo – a very down-to-earth place that doesn’t necessarily want the bells and whistles of big-city life.

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4 thoughts on “Video trailer for new Calexico album”

  1. Honest is right, but ugly? Ugly would be duplicate strip malls and shopping centers with the same chain shops in every neighborhood and town,like Phoenix metro.
    I love the Old Pueblo and would have moved there many years back if it weren’t for my biz being settled in Phoenix.
    Phoenix Metro has the Marquee, Tucson has the Rialto. Phoenix metro has the Clubhouse vs. Tucson’s Plush. Sure we have the gorgeous Orpheum Theatre, but Tucson’s Fox Theatre has superior sound. Add The Congress and Calexico, Phoenix doesn’t even come close. The one bright spot is a few scattered shops around town. But boy do you have to drive! Tucson has 4th avenue and Broadway East of the University. One thing Tucson does not have is a great record shop. Thank god! we have Kimber Lanning.
    Thanks for the vid and heads up. Can’t wait for the disc to drop.

  2. Kevin,

    I liked “honest” as a description of Tucson more than “ugly” (I’ve hiked Seven Falls and it’s anything but).

    I agree with you about the venues. I think Plush is one of the best venues — if not the best — in the state. I do love going to Rhythm Room, which I’m thankful has opened its doors to indie shows in the past couple years.

    I used to love PDQ Records in Tucson, which now is under new ownership. I haven’t been in awhile. You’d think with all the college kids, there’d be a good indie store down there, huh?

  3. For a short while, in the late 90’s, my brother was in a ska band named after that sign.

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