Walter Schreifels: “Depressed Friends”

Wading through the local concert calendar, I spotted an August 23 date in Tempe for seminal punk/hardcore group Gorilla Biscuits, who are reuniting for a monthlong tour of the United States. (Brooklyn Vegan has the dates.)

That got me thinking about Walter Schreifels, guitarist in Gorilla Biscuits and frontman of many projects, including the fabulous Quicksand, Rival Schools and, most recently, Walking Concert. So I hit up the MySpace page for Walter (yeah, we’re on a first-name basis). It appears he’s working on some acoustic-type solo material for something called the Arthur Lee EP. All I know about it is what I gleaned from his MySpace page, which is next to nothing.

Depressed Friends is a touching if not, well, depressing track – Schreifels coming to grips with how to console his down-and-out buddies. It’s a far cry from Biscuits/Quicksand/etc., but just as welcome.

Walter Schreifels | Depressed Friends

3 thoughts on “Walter Schreifels: “Depressed Friends””

  1. “The Arthur Lee EP” is a 4 song EP of acoustic solo material. I bought it at a Walking Concert show at the merch booth.
    just a simple CD-R. I think it’s only available at shows.

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