Lupe Fiasco/Jonah Matranga: “Never Lies”

OK, I’m liking Lupe Fiasco more and more with each day. I do some digging around and find that Jonah Matranga (ex-Far frontman, among other groups) and Fiasco teamed up for a track called The Instrumental, which is part of the Madden ’07 video game and, more than likely, Lupe’s Food & Liquor LP.

If I’m not mistaken from my research, The Instrumental is the same as Never Lies, which was the song’s original name. Matranga sings the hook; it sounds like a sample from an old Far song, Nestle, off the great Water & Solutions.

Part of the name change, I think, stemmed from an Internet leak of Food & Liquor. Read more here. The story says he will “probably keep at least 30 to 40 percent of what leaked” on Food & Liquor (due for an August release on Atlantic). That said, you won’t catch me hosting the song. But, ahem, you can find it yourself. (Just FYI, it’s not Mike Shinoda singing. I believe he produced the track, though.)

In more news of rappers sampling alternative rock, Stereogum tells us about another Chicago emcee, Rhymefest, who samples the Strokes on his forthcoming album Blue Collar.

Lupe Fiasco “Kick Push” video.

4 thoughts on “Lupe Fiasco/Jonah Matranga: “Never Lies””

  1. thanks for that. I’m totally in lupe mode right now. must have listened to kick push 20 times since yesterday.

    and… isn’t linking to an upload site where one can find a download of a song practically the same thing than linking to your own server. it’s just one more click. i fear the riaa might think so.

  2. that ryhmefest record is pretty great. check out sway and his record “this is my demo” another under the radar hip hop release that is solid.

  3. F&L is theh best rap album of the year so far. As to linking to an illegal d/l, there have already been lawsuits on that. it is illegal.

    fuck the riaa, tho.

  4. Yeah Lupe is my favorite right now. His wordplay and metaphors are incredible. Never Lies is an awesome track. Check out his verse on Fort Minor’s track Spray Paint. Or Trials and Tribulations. Also the track Lupe did for Need for Speed Most Wanted “Tilted” is nice too.

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