Wilco meets Popeye: Dawned On Me (video)


Everything is coming up Wilco lately.

There’s nothing quite like a 2 1/2-hour set — stuffed with a catalog-spanning 26 tracks (check the pie chart!) — to gently remind you of the greatness that exists in my Wilco collection. Since Saturday’s show at Gammage Auditorium, I’ve gone on a little Wilco bender, from watching the band’s NPR Tiny Desk Concert in October to falling in love with Summerteeth all over again. (Their newest rendition of “Via Chicago,” which morphs from hushed acoustic stillness to a chaotic blur of drumming/noise behind it, was startling and spectacular.)

On Wednesday, the band released its first video since 1999 — an animated take for “Dawned On Me,” starring Popeye and friends. Naturally, frontman Jeff Tweedy has his sights set on Olive Oyl. It’s a fun, if not totally senseless, collaboration, and you can poke around www.wilcospinach.com for more.

Setlist for Wilco at Gammage Auditorium, Jan. 21, 2012:
One Sunday Morning
Art of Almost
I Might
I Am Trying to Break Your Heart
One Wing
Bull Black Nova
(Was I) In Your Dreams
Black Moon
Impossible Germany
I’ll Fight
Hotel Arizona
Jesus, Etc.
Born Alone
Capitol City
Handshake Drugs
I’m Always In Love
Dawned on Me
Shot in the Arm


Via Chicago
Whole Love
Box Full of Letters
California Stars
Heavy Metal Drummer
I’m The Man Who Loves You

2 thoughts on “Wilco meets Popeye: Dawned On Me (video)”

  1. Wasn’t “Via Chicago” something? Good Lord, I’m glad I was of a sober and sane mind, I might’ve jumped from the balcony thinking Satan was upon us… Great show all around – so creative and rich with musicianship. The show actually made me fall in love with The Whole Love, which up that point, hadn’t done too much for me.

  2. Agreed on all your points. And you’re right: I’ve listened to The Whole Love a lot more since the show as well. I sorta question opening the show with “One Sunday Morning.” But the energy really popped when they followed with “Art of Almost.”

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