Zilla Rocca: Full Spectrum 2 (feat. Has-Lo and Open Mike Eagle)


It was a collaboration that was likely bound to happen, but if bringing Philly’s Zilla Rocca and Los Angeles’ Open Mike Eagle together for a show I put on last February in Phoenix helped hasten the process, then I’m proud to have played some (very) small part in the birth of this jam.

“Full Spectrum 2” is, as its name suggests, a sequel to the original that appears on Zilla Rocca’s Nights and Weekends EP. Zilla and Has-Lo are back for leftovers, and they’ve brought Open Mike Eagle, shortening the gap between coasts with a return engagement from producer Dr. Quandary.

Stream via SoundCloud below:

Peep the video for the original “Full Spectrum,” shot Super 8 – giving it an appropriately vibrant look – in Asbury Park, N.J.:

One thought on “Zilla Rocca: Full Spectrum 2 (feat. Has-Lo and Open Mike Eagle)”

  1. Indeed, Bro. Murphy. Our very own Obi-Kevin Kanobi. Leading us wayward Jedi across the Hip-Hop universe. I’m featured on this track, in Spirit. Biggups to my A-Alikes- Has-Lo, Open Mike Eagle, & Zilla Rocca. Mr. Pink shot Col. Mustard in the Green room, at Red Dawn.

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