Z-Trip offers Lounge Act remix for download

In keeping with his generous habit of giving away music, DJ Z-Trip is offering for download his remix of Nirvana’s Lounge Act from the soundtrack to the video game Skate. I talked about this mix previously here.

Also up for grabs are two blends – M@shUptight and Soundclash – from a recently released white label 45, which I ordered and got in the mail a couple weeks ago. This saves me the trouble of digitizing the vinyl. Amen for that.

I’d say you should go to his store and order the 45, but it looks like it’s no longer available. So at least grab the downloads.

15 thoughts on “Z-Trip offers Lounge Act remix for download”

  1. basically what im saying is that it needs somewhat of a more pizzazzy umph than just “clap clap”. i mean the entire song. kudos for getting the song on skate though, i couldve pulled it out of my ass if i thought it would do something.

  2. I’m done with talking shit. If someone is against what I said, so be it. Freedom of speech. Though keep in mind this is the last time I’m visiting this page because DJZTRIP is a fucking cunt.

  3. This song is so bad that my previous comments on it have been deleted.
    This site fucking sucks. Delete that you eater of shit.

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  6. If this was a new song it’d be okay but all this guy’s done is remove dave grohl and insert a drum machine which probably took a very long and painful 5 minutes

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