Z-Trip remixes The Dead Weather:
Treat Me Like Your Mother


If you follow DJ Z-Trip on Twitter, then you know he’s been teasing to a remix he’s been working on for the Jack White/Alison Mosshart side project The Dead Weather since at least November for the track Treat Me Like Your Mother.

Well, I got an e-mail with a link to download what I presume is the finished product, featuring a verse from Slug of Atmosphere. I’m told Z-Trip will make this available for download on Friday, which seems likely considering the former Phoenix son – and current Las Vegas Rain man on Friday nights – is keen on sharing.

But until then, here’s a stream:

UPDATE: Z-Trip has made the track available for download.

While I’m the topic of Z-Trip, I’m long overdue in mentioning Watching the Wheels, a blog by Nicole Nelch, who is unearthing loads of old footage she shot during the heyday of the Bombshelter DJs (Z-Trip, Radar and Emile).

It’s a major nostalgia trip for me because I was probably at 90 percent of the performances she filmed; I know because I saved many of the same fliers. And if you look hard enough, you’ll see a scanned clip of an article with a shared byline featuring a formerly eager newspaper clerk pretending to be a reporter.

Check one of Nicole’s videos for a little taste of what the Bombshelter guys were doing some 10-plus years ago:

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Treat Me Like Your Mother”

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