Japandroids: Art Czars (new 7-inch)


Love ’em or hate ’em – and the backlash has a fast trigger on this one – Japandroids are set to release a series of five 7-inch singles, starting on April 13. Each single, limited to 2,000 copies each (but also available digitally), will feature an A-side of previously unreleased material from the Post-Nothing sessions and a cover song for a B-side.

We’re told this is the duo’s attempt at giving back to fans as a hectic touring schedule in early 2010 – including a much-discussed April 19 date at The Trunk Space in Phoenix – will prevent them from recording a follow-up to Post-Nothing for a bit.

The first single features the song Art Czars backed by a cover of Big Black’s Racer X on clear vinyl.

Incoming: Japandroids, April 19, The Trunk Space

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