Incoming: The Whigs/Band of Skulls, April 15


Considering I’m not a huge fan of Yeasayer – I think I need to take up drugs for that – I’m thrilled to have an excuse not to see them on April 15 at Rhythm Room. That’s because The Whigs are coming to town on the same day on a co-headlining date with Band of Skulls, who will be en route to Coachella.

A band from the UK called 22-20s is opening the all-ages show at Martini Ranch, and tickets cost $15.

Though some people can’t get behind Martini Ranch – it is in the heart of Scottsdale, which can be nauseating – the sound has always been excellent. And because I missed The Whigs when they last came through Phoenix for a show at Modified, I’m happy for the chance at redemption, especially since they’ll be coming off the release of a new album, In the Dark (March 16).

The Whigs: In the Dark
The Whigs on Jimmy Kimmel
The Whigs: Like a Vibration (video)

One thought on “Incoming: The Whigs/Band of Skulls, April 15”

  1. Will we ever agree on anything? They DO have good sound, I will give you that, it helps drown out the sound of bros in pink polo shirts drinking $15 Vodka RedBulls 😉

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