Rogue Wave on WOXY

Whoa. Sorry for the delay today. Somebody was sleeping off a little Christmas party hangover (read: me).

So, Rogue Wave is tonight in Phoenix. And I’m pumped. I’m also going to attempt to record it with my recently purchased minidisc player/recorder. Please pass along any tips for a successful recording.

Here’s Rogue Wave’s in-studio performance from WOXY, which includes two tracks from the 10:1 EP. (Crush the Camera is highly recommended and Catform is great, too.)

Rogue Wave in-studio on WOXY:

1. Bird on a Wire
2. Crush the Camera
3. Wait for It
4. Catform
5. 10:1

3 thoughts on “Rogue Wave on WOXY”

  1. Thanks for the mp3′s. This is my first introduction to Rogue Wave–I’ve never heard them ever ever ever. I just keep reading about them, and I saw your mp3s, so I took the leap.

    Not bad. Are they always this light, though? Or, is this just indicative or the in-studio setting?

  2. Just saw them opening for Nada Surf in NYC and “me likes, me likes”! Thanks.

    PS — NS played Popular . . . YYEEEEEEEESSSS!!!!

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