Aceyalone: “Heaven” (new track)

We’re hittin’ you off with a second track from Magnificent City, the forthcoming Aceyalone long-player that is produced/overseen by the esteemed RJD2. (Miss the first track, Fire? Just click.)

Where Fire is a bouncing, good-time jam, Heaven takes a U-turn in both production and lyrical content. The considerable contrast in sonic moods between the two songs shows RJD2’s versatility. Heaven is wrapped in an electic guitar loop that might call to mind Rick Rubin’s salad days (circa LL Cool J’s Radio or Beastie Boys’ Licensed to Ill.) but with a darker vibe. And that bassline will sneak up on you during the verses.

Lyrically, Acey seems to be contemplating the afterlife, carrying on a conversation with the devil, which leads to the chorus:

“Heaven aint’ got no stairs /
Heaven ain’t got no ghetto /
Heaven ain’t got nothin’ to do with you /
cause you a devil.”

It feels like an atypical Aceyalone track – and took me some time to warm up to – yet that seems kinda the point by working with RJD2.

Aceyalone | Heaven

In case you missed it …
Aceyalone | Fire

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