Tom Vek on KCRW / new Built to Spill track

I gotta admit, it’s really tough being this far behind the indie-rock curve. I mean, I just picked up Tom Vek’s We Have Sound at eMusic last week. Last week! No, really. It’s just painful how unhip I can be.

Add that to the fact that I also just bought The Hold Steady’s Separation Sunday, and I think I need to create a Best of 2006 That I Missed in 2005 Because I’m Just Not That Cool list.

That doesn’t change the fact that We Have Sound is a precise, swift kick in the butt that my music collection needed. I mean, how often is the bass guitar the star?

So, here’s Vek’s KCRW performance from (ahem) September, in conjunction with CMJ. (Beware: MP3s are a measley 48kbps … you can blame KCRW for that.)

1. If You Want
2. A Little Word in Your Ear
3. C-C (You Set the Fire in Me)
4. If I Had Changed My Mind
5. Nothing But Green Lights
6. I Ain’t Saying My Goodbyes

Also …

In news that I’ve eagerly anticipated, Built to Spill’s new album, You In Reverse, is due out in April. (Billboard story.) That’s five long years since Ancient Melodies of the Future, which Doug Martsch tells Billboard he wasn’t satisfied with.

I was totally bummed by their mediocre performance at ACL, but this new track gives me hope. Although I’m not much into Martsch’s penchant for jamming (Goin’ Against is nine minutes), I can overlook that in the tradeoff for something new (finally).

(The mp3 is a rip from the stream at Built to Spill’s MySpace page.)

Built to Spill | Goin’ Against Your Mind

8 thoughts on “Tom Vek on KCRW / new Built to Spill track”

  1. yeah kevin your my new favorite person in the whole entire world……

    i love you…no truly….i love you

    tom vek is in LA right now taping a spot on the OC. perfect timing with this post. Foreign born is his backing band for the feature awesome factor = 11

  2. Much thanks for all the great new music you have exposed me to. Love all the KCRW stuff that you and the other bloggers put up — CYHSY, MMJ, Sufjan, Nada Surf and others. I have a lot of the podcasts, but I have no idea how to split them into individual tracks. Any chance you have/can post the Goldspot performance?

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