New (near-final) sourceVictoria songs

Because I have deep connections (OK, bloodlines … whatever) I’ve got my paws on four new sourceVictoria tracks. For a little history, backtrack here.

Anyway, these songs are near-final tracks, being mixed and produced by fellow Arizona son Jim Adkins of Jimmy Eat World. I’ve devoured these songs, and it’s become abundantly clear that my brother hoarded all the talent genes in this family. I’m only a little jealous … and very much in awe.

I was already impressed with their work on the EP, but the new material represents a major leap forward. The End is Just the End is, no doubt, my favorite sourceVictoria track now and (in my little opinion) their best. The sound is big, and the drums come in flourishing waves that lure you in. Though I must admit: I’ve yet to attempt to dissect my brother’s writing, for I’m fearful/curious if I’ve somehow inspired a scribbling session on a notepad somewhere. (I know, don’t flatter yourself.)

sourceVictoria | Burn the Pianos
sourceVictoria | Heartless Boy
sourceVictoria | The End is Just the End
sourceVictoria | The Fast Escape

6 thoughts on “New (near-final) sourceVictoria songs”

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  2. Kevo Wevo,

    you are one hell of a writer, just becasue you can’t sing or write….Funny how I became a painter/drawer, B a musician, and you a writer.

    SourceVictoria- The End Is Just The End
    IS absolutely their best song!

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