Fatlip “The Loneliest Punk”

Funny story: So I’m digging through my random odds and ends in my music collection when I stumble across a Delicious Vinyl sampler from 1998. The disc has tracks by Born Jamericans, The Whoridas, The Flys, etc.

There’s nine tracks in all, and there’s supposed to be a 10th. Except the 10th track says “Fat Lip … is currently on a walkabout and could not be reached for comment at this time! Check for the Fat Lip album Revenge of the Nerd in summer ’98.”

Well, by now you probably know we finally got that Fatlip album … seven years later. The Loneliest Punk (NOT Revenge of the Nerd) was released this past November. As a big Pharcyde fan I was a bit wary about solo Fatlip (kinda like solo Phife Dawg), although it couldn’t be worse than the Pharcyde being reduced to two members.

Anyway, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by what I’ve heard, especially Writer’s Block, a bit of a self-deprecating jam in which Fatlip raps about the long-awaited album:

“One out of every two people that see me in industry /
Ask me about my CD /
What style will I create /
And what’s the delay on the release date?”

Fatlip | Writer’s Block

BONUS (from Delicious Vinyl ’98 sampler):
Pharcyde/Sublime | Summertime in the LBC (remix)

6 thoughts on “Fatlip “The Loneliest Punk””

  1. wow, I have that sampler and I remember being impressed with Fatlip. I noticed the sampler again a few years ago and found it weird when I couldn’t find ‘revenge of the nerd’ anywhere on the ‘nets. Thanks for the great info and the songs.

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