Alexi Murdoch, on KCRW, 6/8/06

Alexi Murdoch’s Time Without Consequence appears to be a bit of a sleeper around blogs/media/etc. Might I recommend you not pass over it.

Murdoch’s British Scottish accent is warm, the acoustic guitars delicate and the writing plaintive and touching. The comparisons to Nick Drake are going to follow him like a shadow, but if you’re going to be compared to anyone, I’d say Drake isn’t such a terrible reference point, eh?

After you listen to this set on KCRW, pick up Murdoch’s Time Without Consequence at eMusic.

Alexi Murdoch, on KCRW, 6/8/06:
1. Never Let You Down
2. All My Days
3. Breathe
4. Song For You
5. Dream About Flying
6. untitled

6 thoughts on “Alexi Murdoch, on KCRW, 6/8/06”

  1. saw him in london at homefires. crowd, mind you a ridiculously attentive one, didn’t seem so into it. myself, i was pleased but not excited. other acts at the festival were much better. ie : vashti bunyan, final fantasy, grizzly bear and adem.

  2. Kevin,
    Thanks for riping the songs from the session, listened to it the other week. Glad to have the tracks now. BTW, Alexi is from Scotland not England.
    the other Kevin

  3. i have time without consequence (from emusic of course) on high rotation today – i think it’s awesome and thoughtful work – and for a nick drake fan the voice is amazingly similar – terrific blog btw

  4. just wonderful… thanks so much for sharing these. he’s a fine, fine fellow… and i agree with you, everyone gets compared to someone… and a comparison to Drake is surely in the top league of those-one-might-be-compared-with…

    ~colin (glasgow)

  5. i was first introduced to alexi’s music when i walked into a record store and he was doing an instore. good stuff. thanks

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