Aqueduct: Living a Lie video

Yep. Still am enjoying Aqueduct’s Or Give Me Death, in case you were wondering. I also enjoy that his MySpace page informs us that his influences include Dr. Dre and Geto Boys. (I’m always looking for the hip-hop angle.)

Anyway, I finally sat down for two minutes and 54 seconds to check out his video for Living a Lie, directed by Charles Spano. This song, in particular, seems to reflect the bittersweet tone of the album – the post-breakup avalanche of anger, regret, resent. The initial theme for the video, according to Spano, is “the microcosm of revolution and apocalypse in suburbia.” OK, that’s deep. But also, he talks of “bittersweet feelings at the fleeting nature of things.” Certainly, you could apply that to love and relationships, as David Terry’s words might suggest: “I just can’t get it / I keep on forgetting / How the last two years / of my life have been wasted.”

I love the concept of this video – it either represents a purging or piling up of emotions. I’d assume the former, because there seems to be a liberating sense to these people unloading unwanted or little-used items. Then there’s the whole tossing gasoline on the pile, so that’s a pretty good hint.

Buy Or Give Me Death.

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