Busdriver: Sun Shower (edIT Club Remix)

Epitaph hooked us up something awesome today, providing us with an MP3 off Busdriver’s new iTunes-only single for Sun Shower that I touched on here. Let me just tell you: Your mother was right – always say please and thank you.

The four-song EP has two remixes of Sun Shower, including one by So Much Silence favorite and recent Epitaph signee Cadence Weapon. The other Sun Shower mix, provided below, comes from LA’s edIT.

There’s also a Thavius Beck remix of Less Yes’s, More No’s (possibly my fave track off Busdriver’s RoadKillOvercoat).

Pick up the Sun Shower EP at iTunes ($1.99). eMusic has RoadKillOvercoat, that I’ve only written about once or twice or thrice.

  • Busdriver | Sun Shower (edIT Club Remix)

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