Ben Gibbard is right … sort of

So, I’m back from LA. Just drove six hours right into work — even saw a big rig on fire on the side of the highway.

I have no music right now, but I will later because I scored at Amoeba. A few highlights:

  • The Jurassic 5 EP on vinyl for 3.99; the original pressing, NOT the reissue.
  • The Black Keys’ The Big Come Up on vinyl — WHITE vinyl — for 6.99.
  • Brendan Benson’s One Mississippi (finally) and a Metarie EP with a couple of different versions of that song. I thought I had the drop on Chris, president of the Brendan Benson fan club, only to find out he already had it (of course!). But I will post if anyone would like. It also includes sorta different versions of Alternative to Love and You’re Quiet.
  • Shout Out Louds CD Howl Howl Gaff Gaff, which I’m liking.
  • One 12″ vinyl single that will make for a very special Flashback Friday.

Last note, on the drive outta town, I got to listen to Nic Harcourt and Morning Becomes Eclectic for about an hour. He said that when White Stripes and Greenhornes were in town last week, they recorded a couple sessions in the studio. White Stripes will broadcast on Sept. 6, Greenhornes sometime in October.

As for LA, well, traffic is absolutely awful, even on the weekends. Which made me think of Death Cab’s Why You’d Want to Live Here. I can think of two reasons: the weather and Amoeba.

5 thoughts on “Ben Gibbard is right … sort of”

  1. Are those versions on the Metarie EP much different from the album versions? In other words… worth getting?

    And congrats on finally tracking down One Mississippi – maybe not a Lapalco, but Insect Rule is a pretty fine track.

  2. Please post the Metarie EP stuff. I have been looking for the Metarie version that is used in the video for some time. Thanks in advance.

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