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Back in September, Seattle radio station KEXP broadcast for a week from New York’s Museum of Television and Radio. Among the invited musical acts (mostly all indie) was Blackalicious, a favorite in these parts for the duo’s progressive hip-hop stylings.

Gotta give it up to the excellent KEXP, which is known for hosting many a great indie act, for opening up to include hip-hop in the rotation.

I’m still in debate (with myself) about where Blackalicious’ latest LP, The Craft, stands among its work. Gift of Gab and Chief Xcel set the bar high with their debut Nia (and then Blazing Arrow), which sometimes sets expectations unrealistically high (see also, Nas’ Illmatic or even Souls of Mischief’s 93 Til Infinity). At least until Nas’ lastest work (God’s Son … maybe) could anybody argue that he lived up to the promise he set forth in Illmatic.

Classic debut albums: blessing or a curse? Talk amongst yourselves …

Blackalicious, live on KEXP, 9/15/05:

1. World of Vibrations/Rhythm Sticks
2. Alphabet Aerobics
(One of the great displays of verbal dexterity.)
3. Your Move

Also …

  • Because I’m on the topic of Blackalicious, whose track, I Declare, from the PlayStation video game The Con was part of my contest last week, I am sad to report that not one person guessed my favorite hip-hop album from 1988 (although one entrant was absurdly close). I’m debating extending the contest or simply drawing a random winner from those bold enough to guess. Stay tuned …
  • And if all goes as planned, I will have recorded Of Montreal’s performance on KCRW this morning.
  • I’ve got a fun week lined up, with a couple of great interviews, one of which will be accompanied by yet another contest.

5 thoughts on “Blackalicious on KEXP”

  1. Good luck with the Of Montreal from KCRW. I was gonna rip that tonight if you didn’t. Looking forward to hearing it. Look out for the full ATL show on my site soon too.

  2. i don’t remember what the prize is anymore. if it’s not ultramag, it’s by all means necessary. maybe i’m thinking of myself.

  3. blackalicious’ debut was actually melodica. hard to find, but i scored two, sold one for 50 bucks, then proceeded to LOSE my copy. it’s great, though… i’m pretty sure i still have it in mp3 form, gotta dig that out.

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