Cold War Kids, Dr. Dog, Elvis Perkins on KEXP

Having recently been more than slightly obsessed with Elvis Perkins’ beautiful track While You Were Sleeping (mp3s at his site), I didn’t quite know what to make of his touring with the Cold War Kids and Dr. Dog (the latter of which I admittedly know nothing about).

From what I’ve heard, Perkins exudes a hushed, introspective tone; Cold War Kids have a more outgoing, blues style. I suppose stranger tour pairings have been hatched, with successful results at that. Then this KEXP session from Tuesday went ahead and squashed whatever aspirations I had of being any sort of concert promoter; seriously, what the hell do I know?

Each band played two of its own songs, but, by the sound of it, I think were assisted by just about every musician in the room. (If that sounds like I’m asking KEXP nicely to add video to its in-studio performances, you’re probably right.) This version of Cold War Kids’ Saint John, aided by an upright bass, is soulful and full of life; that bassline just grounds the whole affair, no matter how many musicians are whistling or clanging away on cymbals.

But my favorite track of the session is How’s Forever Been Baby by Perkins, who sometimes plays with his band, Elvis Perkins in Dearland. His voice walks this fine line of being peaceful, haunting and comforting. A self-released CD, Ash Wednesday, is available at Insound.

Be sure to visit KEXP’s blog.

Dr. Dog, Elvis Perkins, Cold War Kids, live on KEXP (9/12/06):

1. California (Dr. Dog)
2. Die, Die, Die (Dr. Dog)
3. How’s Forever Been Baby (Elvis Perkins)
4. Doom’s Day (Elvis Perkins)
5. Expensive Tastes (Cold War Kids)
6. Saint John (Cold War Kids)

Meanwhile, file under EERIE: When I last posted Cold War Kids performing on KEXP in June, I also wrote a couple lines about Elvis Perkins’ While You Were Sleeping, a totally unrelated and, now it appears, bizarre coincidence.

2 thoughts on “Cold War Kids, Dr. Dog, Elvis Perkins on KEXP”

  1. you’d be really surprised about Elvis live. He’s way more lively and charismatic than you’d expect. His band has now become permanent too so I suspect he’ll be with them for a while I thought it was strange too but his live set is really joyous and fun, surprising considering the understated introspection of the album (which I love by the way). Also they have the same booking agent as Cold War Kids and Dr. Dog, so that’s why they toured together. And by the way…I’m with you on that masta Killa album. It definitely needs more buzz. It’s pretty dope.

  2. Yeah! We love Elvis Perkins in the UK, thanks for the tracks and heads up of where to get the album..

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