DJ Z-Trip live on Power 106

We make no bones about it: We’re major, unabashed fans of all things Z-Trip around here. You might have noticed that before.

As promised, he’s keeping his Web site fresh with updates and downloads. The latest download is a live mix he did for Los Angeles radio station Power 106, which apparently recorded it and provided a copy for Z-Trip. Fair warning: It’s a large file (75.5 mb) and it’s taped off a radio show, so you’ll hear those somewhat annoying drops during the mix (“P-P-P-P-P-Power 106 … Where hip-hop lives!”). That said, it could be worse: The station couldn’t have made it available at all. You know, beggars can’t be choosers.

As to be expected, Z’s devotees have partial playlists of the tracks he uses in the blend on his forum. I’m sort of shocked at how well the Maroon 5 This Love/Nas Made You Look mix goes together.

Z dropped in on one thread to explain that the mixes were done on vinyl, although (and this is kind of surprising) he’s breaking into the world of mp3 mixing with Serato Final Scratch, which my boy Jay has, and it’s pretty damn cool. As Jay said, Z-Trip can do things on vinyl that amateurs can’t even do on Serato. Give him mp3s and the possibilities are potentially endless. In Z-Trip’s own words: “… trying to work it in, but still very much on the vinyl side … But yeah, I’m embracing it slowly.”

DJ Z-Trip | Live on Power 106

3 thoughts on “DJ Z-Trip live on Power 106”

  1. thanks man, i saw it on your playlist and was hoping you’d throw it on. z-trip is the man! blew me away the first time i saw him at the scratch tour! copped some tables a month later.

    i’ve been meaning to leave you a comment for a while just to let you know i really appreciate the shit you’re writing about.

    i think i randomly found your site about a month ago cause i was trying to find out where the sample from ‘ballad of worms’ was from. a built to spill song?!?! wtf?!?! i was heavy into that track for a while and was dying to find out where it was from. then i got the built to spill albums and man that is killer too!

    then i read the rest of your blog and i was like damn, son’s got taste! masta killah, jonah montranga, brother ali, it’s like you the cnn for all the shit i like. mad props… for being the only music blog site that’s consistantly ill.

    a few other things i figure i should mention:

    * that z trip mix starts w/ cage – “peeranoia” playing in the background.

    * i actually found out about ztrip years ago, when my favorite comic book artist, jim mahfood used to write bombshelter dj’s and z trip all over his books. AZ holdin’ it down (i’m not from az, but in cali).

  2. Damn. Honorroller, pumpin’ up a fella’s ego and all. Thanks! Really appreciate the words. Hit me up via email; I got more Z-Trip stuff if you don’t have it.

    And Jim Mahfood is great. He used to live in Ariz. and he did live art for the weekly Bombshelter nights. Check out this post I did. Still have some of the flyers that Jim created:

    Glad you’re diggin’ the site! Thanks!

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