Contest! 12″ vinyl for The Con and Jak X soundtracks

OK, y’all, it’s contest time involving two of my favorite pastimes: music and video games. Some of the hottest tracks have been coming from video-game soundtracks, and I got some exclusive remix goods for ya.

New music inspired by Sony PlayStation games THE CONâ„¢ and JakX: Combat Racingâ„¢ are available. Here’s the track listing:

Music from and inspired by THE CONâ„¢ (exclusive tracks):
I Declare – Blackalicious
Danger Room Feat. Casual – Dan the Automator
The Champ Feat. Ax – Alchemist
Swing First Feat. Graph and Mujah – DOC
Music from and inspired by JakX: Combat Racingâ„¢ (exclusive remixes):
Reborn Feat. Cage – El-P
Tempest – John Digweed
Run the Table – Overseer

Tracks for The Con can be purchased here; tracks for The Jak here.
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But lucky for you, if you’re not running on Windows, addVice and Sony hooked me (and you) up with the Blackalicious and El-P tracks:

Blackalicious | I Declare (from The Con)
El-P (feat. Cage) | Reborn (from Jak X)

Now, about that contest … The prize is a pair of 12″ records (that’s vinyl, yo) – one containing the four songs from THE CONâ„¢, the other with three songs from JakX: Combat Racingâ„¢.

So, how do you win? Because we’re dealing with hip-hop … there are two hip-hop albums I would grab first in a fire or I would need if I were stranded on an island. Can you guess them both? Leave your guess in the comments. A winner will be selected randomly among the correct entries. Contest cutoff is midnight Saturday.

Note: If you don’t want to find out about cool parties, bands or other Vice Records or addVice stuff, just say so. Otherwise you’ll be added to their e-mail list.

7 thoughts on “Contest! 12″ vinyl for The Con and Jak X soundtracks”

  1. I would grab “The Low End Theory” and “Blowout Comb”, so that’s my guess. (Though it would be hard to leave “Done by the Forces of Nature” behind.)

    I have a post on my mp3 blog about Red Five, a band that was once featured on South of Mainstream. Please check it out, if you’re interested.

  2. my personal two would be “blowout comb” and “midnight marauders” so i’ll go with that. even though i know it’s not the right answer.

  3. I’m going to go out on a limb here and stray from the previous answers… Based soley on your favorites I’m going to have to go with:
    P.U.T.S.: O.S.T.
    DJ Shadow: Endtroducing (mostly because I’d die if I never heard this album again)

  4. “Reflection Eternal” and “Black on Both Sides”…
    Fresh blog, man. Quality! (that’s not part of my guess… i’m not a big fan of new talib)

  5. Well, i’m guessing a bit late (although i should just make the cut-off, Mt Time). I would have figured Tribe’s Low End or Midnight were contenders,and maybe De La’s 3 Ft. , the Planets’ Blowout Comb (as others have mentioned), and how ’bout PE !? — either Fear of a Black Planet, or It Takes a Nation. But now that you’ve informed us that Midnight Marauders is one, and the other was released in 1988 . . . gotta be It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back

    as for me, would have to be It Takes A Nation and Shadow’s Endtroducing, but i’d feel awfully sick about the De La, Tribe and Planets (among so many others) melting. . .

    p.s. r.i.p. J Dilla. i’m posting a piece now

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