Cut Chemist: “The Garden”

The only bad news about Cut Chemist releasing a solo album (The Audience’s Listening on July 11) is that he’s no longer a proper member of Jurassic 5. That should make for some interesting exercises in contrast and comparison because J5 releases their next LP, Feedback, on July 25.

Granted, J5 is in good hands with DJ Numark, but, really, part of the group’s charm was its double-DJ approach. Jurassic 5 shows were some of the most energetic and creative I’ve seen among hip-hop acts, thanks in no small part to the interaction between Cut and Numark.

When I was going to Arizona State, I saw J5 in Mesa on a Saturday night (don’t even remember the year). The following night, Z-Trip and Radar invited the boys out for a low-key, secret kinda show. I probably witnessed some sort of DJ history that night. Not to sound like a sycophant, but we’re talking about four of the best out there – in terms of style, skill and creativity.

Cut shares with those guys what I admire most in a DJ: a willingness to explore and mesh styles – to push the envelope, if you will. The Garden, with its Brazilian vibes and multi-instrumental layering, is a perfect example.

Cut Chemist | The Garden

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Also … Why I love eMusic:

So, I’m a monthly subscriber to eMusic. Typically, my monthly downloads (40 for $9.99) refreshed on the 10th of every month. Well, I had about 20 left when I went to download some more on June 8 and noticed they had refreshed. In other words, I had 20 downloads that went unused.

I wrote to eMusic and customer service responded the next day explaining to me (without calling me a total moron) that the downloads reset on a 30-day cycle, not necessarily on a certain day. Nevertheless, they credited my account with 40 complimentary downloads that don’t expire for a year as long as I’m an active subscriber.

So, yeah. I can personally vouch for eMusic’s greatness when I link to it and tell you to go get your 25 free trial downloads.

2 thoughts on “Cut Chemist: “The Garden””

  1. Thing that worries me is that new J5 single is pretty shitty. Lets hope the post Cut era has more to offer then some crap DMB cut.

  2. On the emusic note I am not a total corporate whore but I have to agree that eMusic is amazing. It blows my mind the amount of great jazz, hip hop and electronic they have not to mention its freakin cheap. Great great service.

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