The Walkmen, on KEXP, 6/9/06

Because my previous three posts on the Walkmen proved so popular (*cough* no comments *cough*), I thought you’d probably love some more. I’m a really nice guy.

If anything, I’m psyching myself up for next Saturday’s show at the Clubhouse in Tempe, Ariz., with the Walkmen, Talkdemonic and Richard Swift. Rumors (and flyers strewn about town) have it that the Walkmen will be special-guest DJs at a little post-show party at the Rogue in Scottsdale. We are so there.

Gotta say, the more I hear these new songs from A Hundred Miles Off, the more I find myself going back to their previous two albums. I think when we look back, Hundred Miles may prove to be that entry-point album for the band. You know, when people who haven’t listened to a band ask, “Which album should I buy?” Hundred Miles seems more accessible right off the bat (everybody loves horns!), but at the same time it’s making me dig deeper into their old stuff to see if I missed something along the way.

Props (as always) to KEXP for another great in-studio set.

The Walkmen, live on KEXP, 6/9/06:

1. Another One Goes By
2. Good For You’s Good For Me
3. All Hands and the Cook
4. Louisiana

The Walkmen cover Mazarin
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5 thoughts on “The Walkmen, on KEXP, 6/9/06”

  1. All Hands and The Cook is one of the best songs of the year. It’s the closest thing to “The Rat” on the new album.

  2. don’t take the lack of comments on your previous post to mean that it wasn”t read and appreciated. the walkmen should blow you away when you see their show. i caught em in nyc a couple weeks back and it was everything i had hoped for. the energy they bring is electric. the new album is very good, while the previous were excellant. and that is not meant to be a knock on the band. it is still a great listen. just perhaps a step lower on the quality ladder.

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