Lupe Fiasco “Kick Push” video

Oh, man, this year is shaping up to be pretty phenomenal for hip-hop. If you haven’t been keeping up, let’s tick off a few of my favorites so far: Murs’ Murray’s Revenge; The Coup’s Pick a Bigger Weapon; People Under the Stairs’ Stepfather; Soul Position’s Things Go Better With RJ and Al … to name a few.

Now, Lupe Fiasco’s Food & Liquor is due this summer, and if Kick Push is any indication, this album might be off the hook (is that what the kids say?). My boy Ben tipped me off about Lupe Fiasco a few weeks ago and I didn’t really pay heed until I saw the video for Kick Push this past Sunday.

The track, if you haven’t heard it (and why haven’t you?), is about skating. Yep. Skateboards are the new Hummers. I was never much of a skater myself. I dabbled. Had a Steve Caballero board. Also once had a Lance Mountain deck. I could ollie. Not on a dime, though.

Skating is one of those things … if I ever had a choice of what to be really good at, that would be one of them. Skating skills. Because girls like guys with skills. So I’m lovin’ Kick Push. Together with Say Yes, this summer has the jams!

Check the video. (I’m trying this whole embed a You Tube video for the first time):

5 thoughts on “Lupe Fiasco “Kick Push” video”

  1. You have the track Kev? I have it on my computer…Pharrell is involved maybe I have the remix…

  2. meh the album is mediocre at best. i was very pumped for it and then herd the advance.

  3.’s a metaphor…the first verse is talking about a homeless person, the 2nd verse is talking about a hooker, and the third verse is talking about selling drugs and running from the police

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