Spank Rock, on KEXP, 6/8/06

The problem with living in Phoenix is being so close to LA, yet so culturally deprived. Don’t get me wrong. I love Phoenix (even if we hit 112 degrees last week). I represent … or whatever. But someone like Spank Rock just won’t come here. I’ve come to accept this, but it doesn’t mean I have to like it.

You see, Spank Rock played LA last night. And my boy Ben went. I’m awaiting his full report. Then there’s my homie Royce, who saw Spank Rock in freaking LONDON last month. Sheeeeiiiit. Phoenix isn’t that cool. … YET. We’re getting there.

Alas, I shall live vicariously through others – and through this KEXP performance from last week. Gotta love MC Naeem Juwan (aka Spank Rock) in the interview: “I’m the worst rapper of all time.” Self-deprecating humor gets major points around here. Said he’s had a rhymebook all his life, but it’s only half-full. In other words: Let’s stop taking ourselves so damn seriously.

Check Race Riot on the Dancefloor, an “exclusive” track in which the boys in the group asked, “Can you refer to a man’s genitals on the radio … in the bad way?” Um, I think that’s a rhetorical question.

Buy Spank Rock’s YoYoYoYoYo. Spank Rock on MySpace.

Spank Rock, live on KEXP, 6/8/06:

1. IMC / Touch Me
2. Rick Rubin
3. Race Riot on the Dancefloor

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