Death Cab on the Henry Rollins Show

Death Cab for Cutie is going to perform tonight on the Henry Rollins Show on IFC. But there’s a “Web exclusive” of Ben Gibbard and Chris Walla performing Sound of Settling acoustic.

No matter what you think of Death Cab at this point (someone no doubt is crying “sellout” at this very second), you have to wonder: What in the hell is Ben Gibbard wearing in this performance? He’s already got this doughy, guy-you’d-take-home-to-mom thing going. The knit cap and striped shirt (3 for $24 at Old Navy!) just are not helping.

He looks like a sailor. With glasses. Who plays guitar. I mean, far be it from me to judge someone’s fashion sense; I go for the no-sock look with just about everything. But this is just really hard to take seriously. The least he could have done is wear his new Stereogum shirt.

Check out two-fourths of Death Cab performing Sound of Settling here.

Also …

Taking the eMac into the Apple store’s genius bar (their word) today. For whatever reason, it’s been locking up and telling me I need to restart my computer. It does this like, oh, every day. Anybody have this happen to their Mac? I’m afraid there’s some sort of hard drive corruption going on. Dear lord. Wish me luck.

5 thoughts on “Death Cab on the Henry Rollins Show”

  1. yeah, you probably just need to reinstall the operating system. i’d back up everything on it as soon as possible just in case.

  2. Get one of them new, shiny-screened, black Power Book beasts bought while you’e there. eMacs are for museums.

  3. thank you for the gibbard fashion commentary. It made me laugh. it is kind of popeye-esque, no?

    (chuckling again)

  4. If it’s under warranty, let the “Geniuses” take care of it. If not, buy Alsoft DiskWarrior [they should have it @ the Apple Store] and run that. That’s what the Geniuses will do for the first hour of having your computer anyway and it fixes around 80% of problems like that.

  5. Thanks for the tips, you guys. We got our AppleCare plan registered, so we’re covered for a year. Gonna take it back in and let them deal with it. They said it’s possible a new hard drive is needed.

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