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It’s been pretty well documented that Grandaddy is calling it quits with its newest/final LP Just Like the Fambly Cat.

Grandaddy’s dissolution is sad to me because I only really got into Jason Lytle and Co. in the past six months. (Yeah, my unhipness knows no bounds.) So, it’s hard for me to sit here and wax nostalgic about the group’s curtain call. In a way, I feel cheated more than anything: No, no, Grandaddy, you can’t go now that I’ve discovered you! Alas, the fault is mine. It’s just a little depressing to see a great band hang it up when so many other less-than marginal groups will move onward against our will.

I realize I’m only six years behind the curve here, but The Sophtware Slump? Sheesh. Greatness. Better late than never, I suppose.

For a little more on Grandaddy, check out Chromewaves here. Lytle has been doing solo acoustic in-store sets to promote the album – a farewell of sorts. Chris had pictures of his Dallas stop.

Here’s Lytle’s mini-set from WOXY’s Lounge Acts on May 15:

1. Go Progress Chrome
2. Elevate Myself
3. Disconnecty
4. Underneath the Weeping Willow

4 thoughts on “Jason Lytle on WOXY”

  1. Another great post, lovely stuff. if you head on over to the ICKMUSIC blog, they actually have a recording of the mentioned Good Records in store posted.
    Jaylia Strange

  2. Oh and if any of you are heading over to the Woxy site to download the whole thing then do yourselves a big favour and grab the session by The Celebrity Pilots (who are just brilliant and are GBV related)
    Jaylia Strange

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