Halou: “Wholeness & Separation”

Call me shallow, but when I see members of a group have done production and remixes for DJ Shadow, Low (Monkey remix), Blackalicious, Lyrics Born and Run DMC, I tend to perk up and move that group’s CD to the top of the to-listen pile.

Say hello to Halou, a three-piece electro-pop outfit from San Francisco. At one point in my life – OK, like two weeks ago – anything described as “electronic” probably would have made me shudder and run. But this album came from a trusted and respected source, so I owed it to myself to listen, and I’m glad I did.

There’s a soothing warmth to this album, due in no small part to Rebecca Coseboom’s lead vocals. If I were some professional writer who uses flowery adjectives, I might say something like “ethereal” or “lush” or “wistful.” Oh wait, that’s been done.

This is the best kind of electronic music: programmed beats and layered synths mixed with a delicate touch of live instrumentaion.

Wholeness & Separation comes out May 23. Pre-order here.

Halou | Honeythief
Halou | Wholeness

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