Digable Planets remixes

Chris at gorillavsbear.net has me all geeked out about Digable after reading his review of Lollapallooza in Chicago this weekend. I was gonna save these gems for a future date, but I couldn’t hold out any longer. These are from the vinyl stash: A 9th Wonder (Slicker this Year) Mad Slicker Remixes promo 12″ and a Dial 7 12″.

Digable Planets: 9th Wonder (Amina remix)
Digable Planets: 9th Wonder (Dania remix)
Digable Planets: 9th Wonder (Accapella)
Digable Planets: Dedication

7 thoughts on “Digable Planets remixes”

  1. jesus dude, these are the fu**ing best thing i’ve heard in a while…i gotta do something w/ that acapella version, not sure what. thanks a bunch man.

  2. Acapellas are great. You have a Mac? Do up some beat on Garage Band and throw it over that. I have all sorts of hip-hop 12″ singles with acapellas. Or maybe you can get a beat from your new best friend Butterfly; come on, he give you the digits to his cellie or what?

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