DJ Z-Trip vs. Run Run Run: “Fade Into You”

I’ve sung the praises here before about DJ Z-Trip, who honed his skills in the Phoenix/Tempe scene and moved on to bigger and better things (Shifting Gears, anyone?) in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, I missed him roll through town this past Saturday, but this track is tiding me over for the time being.

This cut pretty much exemplifies what I admire most about Z (yeah, we’re on a first-initial basis): He mixes a cover of a Mazzy Star song by a group I’ve never heard of, thereby introducing me to a new band while concocting another stellar remix.

I’ve had the opportunity to interview Z a few times, and the one time that stands out most was when I visited a his “office” in Tempe. Basically, the place was wall to wall in records, organized by some insane filing system, like beats per minute, that was beyond my grasp. His willingness to experiment knows no bounds, and if you don’t believe me, you might try listening to some of his mixes. Uneasy Listening with DJ P comes highly recommended.

Z-Trip vs. Run Run Run | Fade Into You

7 thoughts on “DJ Z-Trip vs. Run Run Run: “Fade Into You””

  1. DJ Z-Trip is the absolute shit. I love this guy.

    How is that record transfering company coming Kev?

  2. Ah, the Mazzy Star original is so much better – it’s beautiful and dreamy and this version is just pure pop. There’s nothing wrong with that in itself, but I think this takes away from the original rather than adding anything to it which a good cover should.

  3. I really liked this version. I think its refreshing to hear a band cover a song and really change it up. It’s totally different than the original, but still cool sounding. I like z-trip and now i like runrunrun too for taking this challenge. nice!!

  4. is this the same fantabulous z-trip that remixed I Want You Back from the Jackson 5? that is a SUPERB SUPERB remix. thanks for the track!

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