Murs “Murray’s Revenge”

My man the Analog Giant beat me to the punch a few weeks back when he posted about Murs’ new album Murray’s Revenge. But I have no qualms about a little repeat action, especially when it comes to an artist as good as Murs.

As AG let us know, Murs and super-producer 9th Wonder are back at it. My opinion? Murs, of the Living Legends crew, is one of our finest storytelling emcees since Slick Rick. Seriously. His rhymes weave narrative tales of love and LA. When everyone seems so critical of misogynist rappers, how can you not be lured in by a line from The Pain, a track from his last album, 3:16 The 9th Edition?:

“I wanna be picked up, held tight and kissed /
but things like this don’t hapen to dudes like me /
‘Cause I’m more Coldplay than I am Ice-T.”

If ever an emcee would appeal to the indie crowd, Murs is your man.

Murs (feat. Joe Scudda) | Silly Girl
(highly recommended)
From Murray’s Revenge. Buy it.

Murs | Bad Man!
(from 3:16. Buy it at eMusic.)

6 thoughts on “Murs “Murray’s Revenge””

  1. Thx for the reference Kev. Yeah Murs record is super good. That is a sweet shirt he is wearing in that shot…my only question…what is he holding? Looks like perfume or something…

  2. nice post. this album snuck onto my radar pretty quietly and it’s one of my early faves. it’s kind of funny to see the middle of the road reviews the album gets when the only real complaint is that it is “too safe”.
    good shit.

  3. hey kevin, the z, murs 1-2… do you have the murs, z colab promo? humpty hump’s even on it…

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