The Magic Numbers picture disc giveaway

Giveaway. Yeah, that got your attention. I have one limited edition vinyl picture disc (45 rpm) with the unreleased Delphina’s Song on the B-side. Love Me Like You is on the A-side.

So, what’s the occasion? Well, for starters, I do like me some Magic Numbers (previous post w/KEXP mp3s). Also, the UK band – with sibling sets Romeo and Michele Stodart and Angela and Sean Gannon – is playing the second day of this weekend’s Coachella Festival. (Anybody going?)

After Coachella, the Magic Numbers are hitting the road this summer with Devendra Banhart. Check Magic Numbers’ MySpace page for dates.

Here’s the contest: What’s your favorite number and why? A crack staff of judges will decide the winner by Wednesday.

The Magic Numbers | Forever Lost
[Update: Sorry for the unlinking. I fear big, bad record companies will find me and demand my first-born for posting this mp3. Please see previous link in post with KEXP files.]

[Related]: Dodge has pics from a recent Magic Numbers show.

Question …
Inspired by the recent jump into podcasts by Justin and Eric, I’m considering doing one myself. Nothing special … maybe a half-hour of some tunes, minimal blathering by me. Before I decide, I just wanted to get a feel from anybody who reads this thing if they’d download it. And if they download it, would they actually listen to it?

23 thoughts on “The Magic Numbers picture disc giveaway”

  1. My favorite number is two. It’s just in the right place, you know?

    I’d listen to your podcast, but only if you blathered about some cool hip-hop so it could be a learning experience as well. I’m down with learning experiences.

  2. My favorite number is 4. Why? It’s an even number (a must, as far as I’m concerned), and it has great multiples: 16, 64, 128…plus, some of its multiples are unit of measure equivalents (16 ounces in a pound, 16 fluid ounces in a pint, etc.). Probably the main reason it’s my favorite number, though, is because when I was very young my older brother told me it was his favorite number, and since I idolized him at the time, it became mine as well.
    Podacst? Of course I would listen to it.

  3. My favorite number is 69… for the obvious reasons, i dont think i need to explain myself. that CD would be nice, it’s also my favorite song…

  4. I’ve actually had an obsession with the number 43 for years. Why I like it is difficult to say, but if you look you will see that it’s everywhere, quiet and plain-looking, but ubiquitous. I once wrote a treatise about the number 43 and it’s mysterious powers. I suppose that sounds a little weird. Yeah.

  5. 9.

    it was the station number for wgn back in chicago when I was beginning my love affair with a little known baseball team called the cubs.

  6. i’ve loved the number 22 ever since i first saw “lost in america”, an old albert brooks film. he and his wife drop out of society, and on their way to their new lives they stop in las vegas, where she bets (and loses) the nest egg on the number 22 on the roulette wheel. she just keeps repeating, “twenty-two, twenty-two” and it’s pretty freaking funny.

  7. dooode…this band is so fripping great live. I cannot stress it enough.

    I all ready have that vinyl, butgo see this band live.

    a more hiphop oriented podcast would be welcome…not many out there…but any podcast is welcome with me…i love them.

    1 is the loneliest number…are there any lonely letters?

    word verify : eqexo – I am henceforth known as DJ EQEXO!

  8. Fave number: 23.

    Ryno. His Airness. I need not say more.

    As for podcasts, I’ve never gotten into them. So I’m probably not a good person to answer.

  9. 1138. Since I saw the film (THX1138), it’s everywhere, I last flew on Flight 1138, my watch stopped at 11:38, I turn on the news at exactly 11:38, and on good days I get up at 11:38. It’s also a pun in every star wars and indy film apparently.

  10. My favorite number is 53. Since i was young my two favorite athletes were Bernie Williams and Larry Johnson, I combined there numbers and got too 53. Also Darryl Dawkins rocked the 53 in his days: Chocolate Thunder.

  11. I would totally listen to your podcast! It’d be a good way to listen to all the stuff you recommend all at once.

    I know I’m late on the favorite number thing (and I don’t really care about winning this time), but my favorites have always been 2 and 13. Why? In third grade, for ANY “whoever’s closest to the number I’m thinking of” contest staged by my teacher, Mrs. Blair, she always chose 2, so all I had to do to win every time was say 2. 13’s my other fave because nobody else likes it AND it’s the day I was born.

    Funny enough, it was just last year that I realized 2 and 13 are actually my birthdate, 2/13.

  12. 55.
    its my number in ice hockey, and its the same thingif you read it forwards and backwards! (i dont know that really long word that means that). Plus five is a very central number. 5 from 0 and 5 from 10

  13. My favorite number is 7. I was born July 7,1977 (7/7/77) I always thought this would give me special powers like levitation or something. Maybe it can win me a contest?

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