Murs and Z-Trip redux

In a somewhat bizarre coincidence, I posted back-to-back days this about Murs and Z-Trip, totally oblivious to the fact that the pair had collaborated on a sampler CD based off Murs’ album The End of the Beginning. The two also hooked up on Z-Trip’s Shifting Gears for the good-time track Breakfast Club. (It’s about cereal. Seriously … cereal-ously? Yeah, that’s a stretch.)

Well, my man Jay set me straight (Funkfinger, holla!) and hooked me up with the goods from the sampler disc. Peep the tweaked track, God’s Work (one of my faves from End), with Z dropping some Queen up in the place. Damn.

Murs | God’s Work (mixed by Z-Trip)

Z-Trip feat. Murs and Supernatural | Breakfast Club

Meanwhile … we’re off to Tucson for a wedding. Which reminds me, June 15 at Solar Culture in Tucson: Tapes ‘n Tapes (fresh with their new record contract), Cold War Kids and Figurines. Don’t even get me started about why I have to drive two hours to Tucson to see this instead of staying right here in Phoenix.

3 thoughts on “Murs and Z-Trip redux”

  1. dude, if you’re worried about record companies why are you posting a leaked track? isn’t the murs album not out yet?

    anyway, i love murs. one of the best slept on undergrounders out there.

  2. these tracks were on a promo cd given away at a z-trip show a couple years back… on one track murs free-styles “z-trip give them more of what they didn’t pay for”

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