2 years

Sorry, this is a somewhat personal post. Seven-hundred and thirty days ago, my wife and I were married. This one is for her. In two years, 24 months and 730 days, some days have been better than others. I can only promise the best is yet to come.

Badly Drawn Boy | The Shining
Stevie Wonder | I Believe (When I Fall in Love it Will be Forever)

19 thoughts on “2 years”

  1. Congratulations Kevin (and to your wife, as well). Gorgeous picture, too! Have a great anniversary.

  2. Congrats! Great songs I’m not sure if either was your wedding song but “the Shining” was almost our wedding song! Good luck with the future and again congrats!

  3. Happy anniversary and countless more.

    (We should never be apologetic for including the personal posts, I think. It helps readers trust the recommendation by revealing the recommender.)

  4. Annie and Kevin you two are soo adorable. I wish you all the best and Happy Anniversary!!! Come back to LA and play with me soon!

  5. congrats on your 730 day anni. i am getting ready to celebrate my 1460 day anni. all the best to you and your old lady 😉

    i am glad i finally know about something you didnt know about. helio sequence rules. thanks for all the great tunes!! u rock!

    mike (richmond,va)

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