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This past weekend was busy: a wedding Friday in Tucson and one back here in Phoenix on Saturday. But the good news is my wife’s sister, June, delivered their first child (a boy) on Sunday, which also happens to be the date of our anniversary and Annie and June’s dad’s birthday. April 30 is a great day.

Anyway, with the hectic (ahem, hungover) pace of the weekend, I was more than happy to see a Lounge Acts performance from Clogs pop into my subscription update to help soothe my nerves. My affinity for the National has drawn me to Clogs, whose members include National guitarist Bryce Dessner.

The sound of the group’s classical-trained musicians, all haunting and absorbing, has drawn comparisons to the Rachel’s and Sigur Ros. It’s multi-instrumental chamber music, with an emphasis on multi: We’re talking violins, ukeleles and bassoons here.

Consider it a serene and engaging departure from the usual indie-rock runaround.

Clogs, Lounge Acts, 4/28/06:

1. Raise the Flag
2. 235
3. Bed & Rest
4. Voisons
5. Lantern

The Clogs’ catalog, including their new release Lantern, is available at eMusic.

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3 thoughts on “Clogs on WOXY”

  1. Cogs are some good stuff nice post Kev. This live recording stuff is becoming your specialty.

  2. Thanks for posting this. I always forget to check in with Woxy. I’ve been digging on the Clogs for a little while now… especially “Lantern.”

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