The Helio Sequence: “Everyone Knows Everyone”

Rare are the times living in Phoenix when one must choose between two great shows on the same night. I am faced with such a dilemma on May 10, when the Helio Sequence and Crystal Skulls play Modified, while Soul Position, Blue Scholars and One Be Lo rock the Clubhouse in Tempe. Oh, decisions. This must be what it feels like on a nightly basis in LA or New York.

Anyway, as a big RJD2 fan, I’ve already opted for the Soul Position set, and I’m sure I won’t be disappointed. That said, the Helio Sequence has captured my attention of late, thanks to 3Hive, which recently posted on the Sub Pop duo.

This is far from breaking news: The group’s last album, Love and Distance, came out in 2004. Could I possibly be behind the curve any more? No matter. Everyone Knows Everyone is such a fabulous song, full of keyboard quirks and loose rhythms.

Even more appealing to me, though, are the song’s lyrics. I’m sure I’m not the only person who has fleeting thoughts of taking off, leaving … starting fresh somewhere else. I’m oddly drawn to songs dealing with that topic – they’re my accomplices when I entertain those fancy-free notions of jetting.

Just the title of Everyone Knows Everyone tells you something; when everyone knows everyone, life becomes a little more cramped, your personal business a little more revealed. Everyone knows everyone and everyone talks about everyone. I’ve done it. We all have. It makes me want to pick up and go.

“The city where I live
The faces in the crowd
It all just makes me stop to think
This is what I’ve found”

The idea of fleeing but never realizing it is both liberating and deflating. What makes us stay where we are? Guilt? Loyalty? Responsibility? I met a guy at a wedding on Saturday who said he lives in Costa Rica. I asked, “What do you do in Costa Rica?” His reply: “Nothing.” Oh, the escapist fantasies that ran through my head after talking to him.

“There’s no escaping
There’s nothing to escape
For no good reason
I think I’m gonna stay”

I have a few favorite songs about all of this, but I’m curious if anyone else out there has some.

The Helio Sequence | Everyone Knows Everyone

6 thoughts on “The Helio Sequence: “Everyone Knows Everyone””

  1. Glad to hear that someone else is enjoying the Helio Sequence. I’ve been a fan for a while now, love their albums but can’t say that I have a favorite song. I thought you might be interested in hearing their demo they recorded back in 1999…pretty good stuff.

    Helio Sequence Demo

  2. Ever heard of Dan Bern?

    He has a great song called “Starting Over”… but, alas, it has never been released.

    but these lyrics really hit me:

    “i’m too far under to stick around and get it straight / maybe some other place, i won’t repeat the same mistakes/ eventually they’ll find my car, clean it and sell it to someone else / eventually they’ll unlock my apartment, clean it and sell it to someone else / eventually people will forgive me / eventually the telephone will stop ringing / eventually the letters will stop coming / eventually people will forget me.”

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