New Dios (Malos) track

The great Dios (Malos) is in town tonight with Starlight Mints and the Octopus Project. Yes, it’s a great lineup and it all happens tonight at Modified. Small problem: I got a late in on tickets to see the Cubs at Diamondbacks. Greg Maddux (5-0) hurling for the Cubbies. I’m so there. Hopefully, I can catch Dios and/or Starlight Mints afterward if Maddux makes quick work of D-Backs, despite Chris’ pleas that I must see the Octopus Project.

Hey, Cubs only come to Phx twice this year – tonight and Thursday, and I’m going to both.

But you don’t think I’ll leave you empty-handed, do you? I’ve got a new Dios track from their just-released iTunes-only EP (click it, foo’). Lead singer Joel explains that the EP is a four-track project, which is how Dios originally was conceived.

One track, I Feel Fatt, is, according to Joel, “a concept song which im curious to see wholl figure it out first.” Cool. But I already love Hermit, which epitomizes that Dios sound – all poppy with those random heavy breaths used as instruments. Dig it.

Dios (Malos) | Hermit

(For a very limited time.)

New mp3 blog alert!:

There’s another Kevin out there (not to be confused with The Kevins). Check out Pop Zeus. For a while, Kevin was sending out an mp3 of the week e-mail to friends and such. I enjoyed it so much, and I’m glad to see he’s gone global. I highly recommend you check out his site for insightful and sometimes nostalgic musings.

Especially tune into his post on Don West, whom you’ll recognize if you used to stay up late and watch the home shopping network with this insane dude screaming at you about mint-condition rookie baseball cards. There are mp3s with Don West’s throaty pleas for your money (“You must … order … more … than … one!”) over some sweet beats. This has to be one of the Posts of the Year.

5 thoughts on “New Dios (Malos) track”

  1. Have fun watching #31 do his thing. I’m jealous. Hopefully they won’t play like crap again. Been a bad, bad run the past several days.

  2. It’s kinda related, but only very tangentially… but… The Deathray Davies were in town recently and mentioned these guys and October Project. I think they’re playing a few shows in Texas together coming up? Sometime in June…

  3. ha! cubs lost (i’m a sox fan) and the octopus project were amazing. it was the first time i had ever seen a theremin and it definitely gave them a unique sound and feel. you missed out!

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