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Hey, you. Have you picked up Soul Position’s new LP Things Go Better With RJ and Al? No? Come on, now. You’re only missing one of the hottest collaborations – between Blueprint, one of the tightest MCs out there, and RJD2, producer/DJ du jour.

I posted on Blueprint awhile back, and if you’re sleepin’ on RJ, well … sheeeeiiit. I’m here to help. RJD2, a sample-digging composer in the mold of DJ Shadow, already laid down the goodness on this year’s Magnificent City with Aceyalone.

Check this set from KEXP that aired Wednesday, and you’ll get a good taste of what Soul Position is about: good-time beats with rhymes that walk the line of humor and braggadocio. Who else is gonna drop a song about his cellphone minutes?

If you like it, pick up Things Go Better at eMusic. And tune for a related interview next week, when Soul Position visits Tempe on May 10.

Soul Position, live on KEXP, 5/3/06:

1. Unlimited
2. The Extra Mile
3. I Need My Minutes
4. Priceless

3 thoughts on “Soul Position on KEXP”

  1. yea man this lp is real hot… 8 million stories and unlimited were also off the hook.. the chem between the man behind the boards and the man on the mic is evident

    – swaney

  2. can’t wait for your interview. Soul Position will be in Beantown the following week. should be a fantastic show.

    thanks for the live tracks

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