The Magic Numbers picture disc winner

These contests are always tough because you guys come straight with great entries. But this winner was a cinch as soon as I read it. The question was what’s your favorite number and why? And Jeremy tugged on my hip-hop heartstrings with his answer: “3 because it is a magic number.”

Anyone who is familiar with the De La Soul catalog will know that The Magic Number is a tune off De La’s classic debut 3 Feet High and Rising. Although it might not have been his intention (though I’m guessing it was), Jeremy not only hit me off with one of my favorite groups, he also related it to the actual band, The Magic Numbers. Well done.

Gotta give props to my man Peter for his answer of 9, representative of WGN superstation and the Cubs.

So, Jeremy, get at me ( with your mailing address and you’ve got a Magic Numbers piece of vinyl on its way. Word.

Here’s some De La now, with special The Magic Number remixes in honor of the winner:

De La Soul | The Magic Number (Too Mad Mix)
De La Soul | The Magic Number (1-2-3 Mix)

4 thoughts on “The Magic Numbers picture disc winner”

  1. Love the good ol’ 3 song! Sadly it’s the theme of a danish telecompany, but thanx for this cool mix anyway!

  2. it was a school house rock quote but considering the band i figured it worked. plus the dela soul song was awesome as well. looking forward to the disc, thanks!

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