Hard drive overload: Editors on KEXP

Inspired by the spring cleaning over at tmwsiy* and the warning from my Mac that I must delete files before it explodes, I’m determined to clear out some of these podcasts and things I’ve been stashing. Must … find … hard … drive … space.

First up is this session from Editors on KEXP while the Seattle station was at SXSW. I know what you’re thinking: Editors sound like Interpol … blah blah … like Joy Division … bloo bloo. I suppose it’s true. A couple years ago, that might have really ticked me off, and I probably would have written a band like Editors off before listening (indie-rock snobbery … don’t let it happen to you).

But, you know, who’s writing these rules? So they’re influenced by Interpol. Is that a bad thing? Probably not because Interpol is really damn good (trust me, people, you can’t find this kind of analysis just anywhere). Is it robbery or flattery? I’ll side with the latter. Anyway, I hear Editors put on a pretty superb live show.

My ears also perked up when the guys in the band excitedly referred to Elbow, one of my favorites, as an influence in their interview with KEXP. In fact, Editors recorded a B-side, Let Your Good Heart Lead You Home, under Elbow’s guidance (maybe you can find it here).

Editors, Live on KEXP from SXSW, 3/15/06:

1. Lights
2. Bullets
3. All Sparks
4. Munich
5. Fingers in the Factories

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4 thoughts on “Hard drive overload: Editors on KEXP”

  1. Thanks for the shout man. But damn, Eric’s Beatles post is about the best thing I’ve ever seen. This feels like watercooler talk haha

    Also, you got me to finally listen to Editors. Better than I expected!

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