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The incomparable Elbow, which is on a tour of the United States (eight dates plus a stop in Toronto), played for KCRW’s Morning Becomes Eclectic on Friday. The band is playing in Los Angeles tonight at the Avalon, and I pretty much hate any of you that will be going out of sheer jealousy. If anyone is going to a show on this tour, pleeeeease offer up some ideas of how it is. (And, you know, feel free to send a concert T-shirt.)

Anyway, the KCRW set was nothing short of amazing (or as amazing as an in-studio performance can be), particularly because Elbow pulled out a couple of old songs, including one of my favorites in Fugitive Motel. Also, frontman Guy Garvey presents himself as the sort of intellectual, down-to-earth songwriter I imagine him to be. He all but exposes his vulnerability in explaining the great Mexican Standoff as a metaphor for jealousy about his partner’s ex.

Alas, I meant to record the simulcast stream (128 kbps), but I mistakenly recorded a different stream KCRW offers. So I backtracked to record the QuickTime stream. Still sounds decent.

(And don’t think I’m not recording Elbow’s in-studio on KEXP next week.)

Elbow, on KCRW’s Morning Becomes Eclectic, 4/7/06:
1. Great Expectations
2. Fugitive Motel
3. Switching Off
4. Scattered Black and Whites
5. Mexican Standoff
6. Puncture Repair
7. The Stops

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  1. Thanks for this – I’m hoping it will be hosted on iTunes Podcasts in it’s entirity.

    I was fortunate to see them here in England recently and they are just stunning live… and Guy Garvey is a sincere and a humorous down to earth bloke.

    God Bless ‘Em!

  2. Kevin, it’s all wrong that you aren’t getting to see these guys this time out. They just played a small, sold out, venue here in SF, a ten minute walk from my apartment. I wish I’d written a set list for you now as I can’t remember. . . Too many beers and glee to get it all straight.

    I can tell you they opened with Station Approach and ended with Forget Myself, during which, Guy got down into in the crowd letting a few sing the chorus tunelessly into the mic.

    The in between included some of this:
    Leaders of the Free World
    Great Expectations
    Powder Blue (oh, so lovely)
    Fugitive Motel (which is also a fav of mine)
    Puncture Repair
    The Stops
    Mexican Standoff
    Switching Of

    There were a few I didn’t recognize. Don’t know if they were new or B-sides. I’m no buff but I sure did enjoy them. Sorry for you. 🙁

  3. Ah, thanks for rubbing it in, Lisa. Sigh. Sounds spectacular. Station Approach seems like a perfect opener with the way that song builds.

    Alas … I live in Phoenix. Perhaps next time?

    Thanks for the info. You’ve made me even more bitter/jealous!

  4. the avalon show was great. guy certainly has the gift of gab and the band was on top form through “newborn”, “leaders of the free world” and “station approach” among others.

    but i can’t call it magnificent because the set was abnormally short (just 75 minutes) for a band with three records and they relied to heavily on the new stuff. only three songs from asleep in the back and just two from cast of thousands. especially notable in absence was ‘grace under pressure’.


  5. Just saw them last night in minneapolis, a very small room was fileld around 200 people.
    they opened with station approach, the highlight was leaders. they could play that song 11 times in a row and call it a great set for all i am concerned.

  6. also for anyone interested I have a complete rundown of their gear used last night

  7. The Avalon concert was fantastic. They did perform “Grace Under Pressure” as an encore. Only one disappointment, they had sold out of men’s t-shirts so I left without swag. But all in all one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to.

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