The Streets: “Don’t Mug Yourself” remixes

So, you all know The Streets (aka Mike Skinner) has a new album, The Hardest Way to Make an Easy Living, due out for release in the coming weeks; clearly, I’m not in the business of breaking news here.
Anyway, I’m going back to his first LP, Original Pirate Material, for this post. On a recent record-shopping excursion, I plucked a 12″ single for Don’t Mug Yourself that includes the instrumental, acapella and three remixes. Hey, when you’re good, you’re good.

Two of the remixes (the Big$hot and Jammer mixes) are pretty much instrumental reworkings that have more of a dance club feel, thought I sort of like the Jammer mix. The Fusion Remix maintains the lyrical content with a bit of a slower-paced beat.

The Streets | Don’t Mug Yourself (Fusion Remix)
The Streets | Don’t Mug Yourself (Big$hot Remix)
The Streets | Don’t Mug Yourself (Jammer Remix)

4 thoughts on “The Streets: “Don’t Mug Yourself” remixes”

  1. I’m big into The Streets right now, so I really appreciate this post. And, after carefully consideration, I totally agree with your assessment.

    I’ll take the Jammer remix over the others. The Big$hot remix is OK, but reminds me too much of being a bit “overserved” in a dance club and hearing certain electronic sounds that make me nauseous. And the Fusion remix isn’t bad…slowing down the beat kinda makes sense in the context of the song (hungover and eating at a diner with your mates and disussing bitc…I mean, birds), but I still prefer the album version with all of that hilarious stuff that happens at the very end.

    Anyway, thanks for giving me something to obsess over on a gray Friday morning.

  2. what are the chances you can post that instrumental version here?! I CANNOT find it anywhere…and this vinyl is really hard to find..on top of that, i don’t have good enough equipment to rip it to disc. it’d really help me out

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