Elbow: Xfm sessions

Earlier in the week, Dodge was raving – finally! – about Elbow’s fantastic Leaders of the Free World (V2 Records). The album was a cinch for my favorite albums of 2005 list; in fact, it checked in at No. 3.

Today’s three tracks were taken from the great Xfm Sessions, which I receive as a podcast. Anyway, for all the rave in the U.S. over bands from the U.K., Elbow seems oddly lost in the shuffle. Elbow does not possess the cachet of Coldplay, yet, in my opinion, come off more sincere and thoughtful.

Here’s hoping Elbow has enough of a following here in the States for a tour.

Elbow, from the Xfm Sessions:
1. Station Approach
2. Forget Myself
3. Leaders of the Free World

BONUS mp3:
Mexican Standoff (Spanish version)

Also …
On this rare post for a Saturday, I’d like to point out an e-mail I got from Clea, who runs (Sm)all Ages, an mp3 blog aimed at folks with children. This is a fantastic idea because, as Clea points out, “no one should have to listen to the Wiggles. Ever.” As the uncle of a 3-year-old and 1-year-old, all I can say is, Amen! The Teletubbies typically frighten me, and the world would be such a better place if our kids were raised on Wilco. Thank you, Clea. Our future is safe in your hands.

Hey, if you live in Arizona and plan on attending Nada Surf/Rogue Wave/King of France on Monday, did you know Nada Surf is doing an in-store acoustic session at Stinkweeds in Tempe at 5 p.m. Monday? Yeah, I’ll be there. Probably recording, too.

2 thoughts on “Elbow: Xfm sessions”

  1. As the father of Kevin’s nieces, I can’t agree more: the Wiggles are not fun to listen to before, or after, coffee. Healthy doses of the Flaming Lips, Wilco, Radiohead, Low (for sleepytimes), the Catherine Wheel, and ELBOW will hopefully start the girls in the right direction. Also…

    !Thanks kev for posting elbow!

    I love elbow. and so many others should too. Honest music without the skinny-person-indie-rock pretension. I love Guy Garvey ‘cos he’s a big guy playing big music with heart. Granted, I have a brit bias towards Elbows forbearers (the likes of the Catherine Wheel, Petey Gabriel, and splashes of later day Talk Talk). Whatever. good shit worth a concerted listen by American audiences.

    “we still believe in love, so fuck you.” -Grace under pressure.

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