Promo sampler madness / contest winner

We all love freebies. And I’ve come across a few free promo sampler CDs in the past couple weeks on my record-store excursions. So, thank you, Zia Records and Stinkweeds.

Part of the fun of promo samplers is weeding through the, um, crap to get to the goods. I don’t wanna name any names (Scott Stapp) but there was some garbage (new Rolling Stones) to pluck through. But I do the hard work so you don’t have to.

Included in the pile of the choice cuts are The Wand by the Flaming Lips (I know, I’m a little late here), the Strokes’ B-side Hawaii and the Most Serene Mix of the Stars’ Ageless Beauty.

From Monitor This! (Dec. 05/Jan. 06):
Death Cab for Cutie | Jealousy Rides With Me

From Monitor This! (Feb./March 06):
The Flaming Lips | The Wand
The Strokes | Hawaii
Ray Davies | After the Fall

From Polyvinyl Summer/Fall 2005:
Saturday Looks Good to Me | Lift Me Up
Owen | I Woke Up Today (from Japanese release of I Do Perceive)

From Arts & Crafts Adventures in Advertising:
Stars | Ageless Beauty (Most Serene Mix)

Contest winner …

Nobody correctly guessed my other favorite hip-hop album (along with Tribe’s Midnight Marauders) in my contest for a pair of 12″ records. Perhaps I made it too difficult, but one contestant – cbtoot – was excruciatingly close with this comment: “Since i highly doubt it was run dmc’s tougher than leather, i’m gonna have to go with Straight Out the Jungle by the JBs.”

It actually is Run-D.M.C.’s Tougher Than Leather. Now I have to wonder why anyone would “highly doubt” that. My reasons are strongly sentimental – it was one of my first tapes – but also because I thought the group was branching out a bit but still keeping its edge. Hard to explain, really. Raising Hell is probably the default choice of most for a favorite Run-D.M.C. record. I’ve just always felt a stronger pull to Tougher Than Leather.

Alas, the winner was selected by my wife at random from all entrants by pieces of paper from a hat. She pulled … (drum roll, please) … the man who goes by Jon Manyjars! Get in touch, Jon, and we’ll square away shipping details. Thanks to all for playing!

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  1. Subliminal Man, is that you?

    I feel ya on the compilations. I like to pick those up, but sometimes you really have to dig through a whole bunch of manure to find the gems.

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