Sparks “Perfume”

An acquaintance recently described the music of art-pop duo Sparks to me this way: “Think like over-the-top insane dudes, making giant almost operatic opuses but with lyrical content not that much different than your typical indie rock song. It’s kind of insane glam but with a heart.”

I was skeptical … but after listening to this track Perfume about, oooooh, 27 times on Wednesday, I’m sold. Crazy thing is, the pair – brothers Ron and Russell Mael – have been around since the ’70s, yet this is the first I’d heard of them. Learn something new every day. And that’s the beauty of the blogs … expanding my horizons.

At heart, Perfume, from the LP Hello Young Lovers (due for U.S. release in March I believe), is pretty basic in its intent: He wants to spend the rest of his life with this girl because “you don’t wear no perfume.” It’d be wholly ridiculous if the musical composition weren’t absolutely pop greatness.

Perhaps my favorite line:

“The olfactory sense is the sense
that most strongly evokes
memories of the past …
Well, screw the past.”

Listen to the bass and piano lines. Even if you find the lyrics laughable or pretentious, there is no denying the near-perfect pop construction of the instrumentation.

The great Marathonpacks has another mp3 from the album here.

Sparks | Perfume

Also …

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2 thoughts on “Sparks “Perfume””

  1. If you like that tune (and, to be honest, haven’t listened yet), check out the song “Metaphor” from the same album, I believe. It’s been stuck in my crag for weeks now.

  2. hey man, congrats on the iLounge sponsorship. and best of luck next week w/ the inaugural iSpin!

    p.s. i never woulda guessed Tougher Than Leather. But i never paid attention to Run DMC after Raising Hell. Not out of snottiness, just never picked it up. was checkin’ out Schooly D and then when PE hit it was like . . . paradigm shift . . .

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