Jonah Matranga live CD/DVD: “There’s A Lot In Here”

The news of this release almost slipped through the cracks, but I’m glad I caught up with it. On Feb. 21, Jonah Matranga – former frontman of Far, New End Original and recently of Gratitude and also known for his solo project Onelinedrawing – is putting out a live CD/DVD There’s A Lot in Here. Here’s the info from Equal Vision Records:

“The CD contains some of his greatest songs, recorded live, all on one CD. The DVD features two live shows (one in a living room, one in a rock club) and 11 videos (with optional commentary by Jonah) by director XDOANEX, one for each song off of the excellent Onelinedrawing album The Volunteers.”

I’m a huge fan of Far, one of the great post-grunge, “emocore” bands of the ’90s; Water & Solutions is a must-have for any collection. Matranga’s work as Onelinedrawing is more stripped down but equally appealing.

If what I’ve heard is true, Gratitude is finished, and, quite frankly, that seemed like an ill-fated project from the get-go. The music was too glossy, like a hasty attempt to spin out a radio hit. Maybe it’s just me, but Jonah didn’t seem to fit.

So, I’m hoping this CD/DVD release leads him more along the line of Onelinedrawing-type material. He’s playing some dates in California next week and then hits the East Coast in March for some dates with Ian Love, a new favorite here. Get the tour dates here.

Also, be sure to browse Jonah’s Web site. And visit the store area, where Jonah offers to make “unique recordings” at fans’ requests. He also lays out a most generous policy in terms of sharing/downloading/buying. An excerpt: “For now, if you’ve downloaded or burned a lot of stuff over the years, I’ve made an easy way for you to give whatever you think is fair for this art, regardless of how you got it. … No guilt trip, just trust.” Visit his store for a liberal pricing structure, that benefits both artist and fan. The way it should be.

Here’s a few tracks from some of Jonah’s projects. Enjoy. Buy There’s A Lot In Here for only $12.

Far | Man Overboard
Far | I Like It
(both highly recommended)
Far | Monkey Gone to Heaven (Pixies cover, from tribute album)

New End Original | Hostage

Onelinedrawing | Over It
Onelinedrawing | Ghost

(Probably my two favorite songs off The Volunteers.)

2 thoughts on “Jonah Matranga live CD/DVD: “There’s A Lot In Here””

  1. Jonah is the shit. I’m not surprised that there haven’t been any comments on this one yet though. Far, Onelinedrawing, New End Original, and now Gratitude. I’m sad to see the end of Gratitude. Their album is fantastic. Glossy, yes. But the songs are so good and it is Jonah. The same guy that playw with the silly little R2D2 robot. I’m gonna repost about Gratitude.

  2. i’m not sure if it’s completely lame to post here, but i’m always down for direct contact, and completely irreverent when it comes to etiquette, net or otherwise, so… thx for the thoughts. the internet has given rise to same pretty lame pseudo-grass-roots marketing junk, but also some really great actual outlets for actual voices. thx for seemingly being part of the latter.
    for whatever it’s worth, i think the gratitude album is really worthwhile, and i think it will stand up as time goes. the presentation/marketing sucked for the most part, and i had many problems with it along the way while trying to work it out (AND i take responsibility for my part), but i’m still proud of the tunes and the album (and shows) overall.
    anyway, the new solo stuff is very much back to simple, raw, homespun stuff, which in the end has been my favorite way (the volunteers is my fave thing i’ve done, and a ghost is my fave tune from that record, cool that you picked it).
    thx for caring about any of it, and giving stuff a fair shot. take care.


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