Guest list: Brian Coughlin of Kinch

This year, I’ve asked a few Phoenix-area musicians/people of interest for their year-end, best-of lists: albums, songs, whatever. This installment comes from Brian Coughlin of Kinch, whose full-length Advances was recently listed among 2008 favorites by Phoenix New Times music editor Martin Cizmar. (It’s also available as a free download.)

Coughlin gives us his top 10 local songs of 2008.

1. Black Carl – Dirty Wine
2. Neba – Rest
3. Kirkwood Dellinger – New Juice
4. The Stiletto Formal – Fiesta Fiesta Fiesta Fiesta
5. Holy Rolling Empire – Bipolar Bear Mania
6. Source Victoria – Miss Spiritual Tramp of 1948
7. What Laura Says – July 23
8. Miniature Tigers – Cannibal Queen
9. Sleepwalk, a Robot – Rx
10. Yellow Minute – Car Ride in Greece

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